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What steps do I have to follow to make my first massphoning campaign?

Create an account (it’s free!) and you will receive an email with your login data. As Administrator you can buy credit and change the rates plan. You can also create users and assign them some of the credit you purchased, so with a single account all the people you want can campaign with their own sender number.

¿What's the “Account Name”?

The name you will to see on the header of the account. Most people use their company name.

¿What's the “Sender Phone”?

It’s the number that recipients of your campaigns will see on their screens. It can be changed at any time from the Administrator section. By accepting the legal conditions you agree to provide phone numbers under your responsibility.

Cool, but… ANY PRACTICAL APPLICATION to my business?

Below these cartoons you’ll find some ideas and we will add many more on the blog

EMERGENCY WARNINGSEMERGENCY WARNINGSIf an asteroid like the one that finished Dino comes, massphoning probably is not going to help much. Nevertheless, there many other situations where an emergency call will really make a difference.

ENCOURAGEMENT MESSAGESENCOURAGEMENT MESSAGESHow important it is to give your people a message of support at the right time. Businessmen, teachers, managers, coaches, politicians or leaders of any kind, everyone should send their voice when it’s needed.

POLLS AND SURVEYSPOLLS AND SURVEYSThere is nothing more powerful than knowing what other people think and massphoning allows you to make massive surveys. Make a very clear and direct question and within minutes you will have all the answers.

ATTENDANCE CONFIRMATIONSATTENDANCE CONFIRMATIONSWhen we organize any kind of event, knowing who is going to be there can save us a lot of trouble. A whatsapp may go unnoticed, but a phone call ensures that everyone will look at their screen.

Comes in handy, but… Can I afford it being on a tight budget?

Sure, start with “No fee” and if you reach 1,000 calls a month switch to the “Fee” plan

VAT not included

What is the “Fee” plan about?

The “Fee” plan makes monthly charges through PayPal and each payment gives you access to a month of reduced rates. At the time of signing up the first monthly fee is charged.

Can I switch the pricing plan easily?

Yes, you can switch pricing plans from your account’s control panel at any time.

What pricing plan suits me the best?

If you’re going to call more than one thousand phones within 30 days the “Fee” plan suits you the best. If you foresee less activity you should go for the “No Fee” plan.

I still have some days left of the “Fee” plan. Will I lose them if I switch now to the “No Fee” plan?

No, you will still have low rates until the expiration date and then will switch automatically to normal rates.

Affordable, but… how long does it take to schedule a campaign?

It’s so easy that it takes less than 1 minute.

OK… What about other doubts not answered on this web?

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you personally to resolve them all

One last question… Who is using this right now?

Hundreds of thousands in the USA and some massphoners here